2023 PROSPEC Drivers

Kelsey Rowlings

  • Team Name: Drift Chick
  • Car Number: 42
  • Car Manufacturer: Nissan +
  • Tire Manufacturer: GT Radial +


Growing up riding horses and playing musical instruments, Kelsey was a stranger to the automotive world.

While some kids get an early start in motorsports, Kelsey didn’t discover drifting until 2007. Kelsey’s first car, a Nissan 240sx, was meant to be a daily driver while she attended the University of Florida but having a rear-wheel-drive car allowed to start drifting in 2008. Throughout college, Kelsey attended as many track days as possible, and after graduation, she decided to put her English degree aside to pursue a career in drifting and stunt driving.

Kelsey earned her professional Formula Drift license when she placed 2nd overall in a Pro-Am series. She began competing in Formula Drift Pro 2 (now known as ProSpec) in 2015. Kelsey qualified for top 16 competition with her Pro-Am level car in her first Formula Drift competition, however, she quickly realized that her SR powered S14, with barely 500 horsepower, would not be competitive.

For the 2016 season, she and her team built an S14 powered by a supercharged Ford 5.0 Aluminator, which was the first of its kind and is the only Ford-swapped Nissan in the entirety of Formula Drift.

After years of R&D, Kelsey and her team have the chassis dialed in and more competitive than ever. Kelsey’s tenacity has allowed her to overcome several obstacles to be where she is today. She continues to break down boundaries involved with being a woman in a male-dominated industry, and along the way, she hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams.