2023 PROSPEC Drivers

Amanda Sorensen

  • Team Name: Sorensen Motorsports
  • Car Number: 12
  • Car Manufacturer: BMW +
  • Tire Manufacturer: GT Radial +


Amanda Sorensen, a social media icon, is a proven fierce competitor on and off the track. With years of competing in racing, she understands not only the podiums, but the marketing side as well. Amanda has an outgoing and fun personality that can drive any conversation and draw the fans attention. Amanda has become a very diverse award winning motorsports athlete over the years.

She is known to always work her way to the top in whatever she does. When Amanda isn’t at the track she keeps herself busy and her fans entertained. Being the youngest of the two Formula Drift licensed females Amanda draws a mass load of attention to herself from the fans and supporters. She loves to entertain them and does not hold short of giving them a look into her life.

 From the marketing aspect to the driving aspect, Amanda has gained the experience needed to become a dominant motorsports athlete. This girl does not stop and is driven to achieve more.